Our Team

Our dynamic group of medical directors and affiliate providers are doctors accountable to you! They add value by encouraging patients to be participants in their medical care. We are devoted to salvaging the honor, trust, and dignity in the art form we practice by resurrecting the spirit of the Doctor Patient relationship.

Medical Directors

Dr. Jeremy Smith

Phone: (844) 544-MyMD(6963)

Email: DrSmith@MyMDConnect.com

Dr. Chris Larson

Phone: (844) 544-MyMD(6963)

Email: DrLarson@MyMDConnect.com

Dr. Anastasia "Staci" Benson 

Phone: (844) 544-MyMD(6963)

Email: DrBenson@MyMDConnect.com

Affiliate Providers

Dr. Annette Marin
Phone: (844) 544-MyMD(6963)
Email: DrMarin@MyMDConnect.com
Dr. Kyle Rickner

Phone: (844) 544-MyMD(6963)

Email: DrRickner@MyMDConnect.com

Dr. Hannah Shelton

Phone: (844) 544-MyMD(6963)

Email: DrShelton@MyMDConnect.com

Dr. John Davidhizar
Phone: (844) 544-MyMD(6963)
Email: DrJohn@MyMDConnect.com
Dr. Robert Lockwood

Phone: (844) 544-MyMD(6963)


Dr. Bhavana Rao

Phone: (844) 544-MyMD(6963)

Email: DrRao@MyMDConnect.com

Dr. Clint Carter

Phone: (844) 544-MyMD(6963)

Email: DrCarter@MyMDConnect.com

Dr. Geetender Goyal
Phone: (844) 544-MyMD(6963)Email: DrGeetu@MyMDConnect.com
Dr. Prisiliano

Phone: (844) 544-MyMD(6963)

Email: DrSalas@MyMDConnect.com


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