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Are you a doctor that is ready to join forces with MyMD Connect?
We offer four paths to partner with us in order to best suit you and your patients' needs.


Join Us

Become a MyMD Connect DPC doctor and let us help you grow your DPC practice by bringing small businesses and individual patients to you for management. We can help to market your region and grow your business.


Become an Affiliate with MyMD Connect

Become listed as an affiliate to receive referrals from MyMD Connect doctors for management of our patients in your offices. Specialist and primary doctors are needed to service our regions. We at MyMD Connect facilitate referrals that have retained a good value proposition for our patients. Fill out this form indicating you would like our referrals and what you charge. We ask that you specify what percentage of Medicare's rate you are willing to charge patients. For example, PPOs allow between 85-120% of MCR, MCR pays 80% of the MCR rate and allows the other 20% to be collected from the patients.

Working Coffee

Become a Virtual Consultant for our DPC Docs

Enroll to be a Virtual Consultant for our DPC doc's.

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Become a DPC Doctor

We can help you through this. We have walked that path and know the way.

“We teach DPC docs, educate them, support them, and most importantly acquire patients for their practice, actually giving them a lifeline for their practice.”

- Dr. Jeremy Smith

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