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Learn more about MyMD Connect and the services we provide!

Welcome to MyMD Connect

Hear Dr. Smith explain more about MyMD Connect and the many ways it benefits all parties involved

MyMD Connect Explainer

MyMD Connect is an innovative solution to bring together self-funded employer groups, third party administrators, and innovative medical management solutions, including virtual concierge and brick-and-mortar concierge medicine services, in order to increase quality of care and optimize economic use of resources for the self-funded health plan. Watch the video to learn more about the many benefits of MyMD Connect!

Hint Summit 2018:
Saving Small Business with Direct Care

Dr. Jeremy Smith discusses the best practices for selling DPC to small businesses, leveraging years of his own data as proof for this growth model. Dr. Smith will conclude with his vision for wider DPC collaboration and the genesis behind his newest project: MyMD Connect.

Elation Health: Jeremy Smith - Direct Care Interview

Hear about Dr. Smith's journey to direct care and how he got into the employer group space. 

Episode 50 MyMD Connect’s DPC-Based Insurance Plan–with Dr Jeremy Smith

Dr. Smith is featured on Dr. Roussel's DPC podcast series. In the interview they discuss how MyMD Connect's insurance plans evolved, how they work, how they save money and how they are crafted exclusively to pair up with direct primary care.

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