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MyMD Connect brings a set of innovative solutions to your health plan.
These unique solutions are based on customer service, patient advocacy, and value.


MyMD Connect is committed to providing employers with affordable health care solutions. We offer a variety of health care options, including Direct Primary Cary, HRAs, MEC and Major Medical health plans specifically designed for your needs. We specialize in integrating concierge medicine with employer medical care.



Are you a doctor that is ready to join forces with MyMD Connect?
We offer four paths to partner with us in order to best suit you and your patients' needs.


Our dynamic group of medical directors are doctors accountable to you! They add value by encouraging patients to be participants in their medical care. 




With guidance from our creed, we will service our population in all aspects of health while restoring value to the purchasers of health care meanwhile salvaging the honor, trust and dignity in the art form we practice by resurrecting the spirit of the Doctor Patient relationship

Hear Dr. Smith explain more about MyMD Connect and the many ways it benefits all parties involved.

MyMD Connect is an innovative solution to bring together self-funded employer groups, third party administrators, and innovative medical management solutions, including virtual concierge and brick-and-mortar concierge medicine services, in order to increase quality of care and optimize economic use of resources for the self-funded health plan. Watch the video to learn more about the many benefits of MyMD Connect!



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