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What is MyMD Connect?
MyMD Connect is a service to improve the consumers healthcare experience by giving them immediate access to high quality Direct Primary Care (DPC) physicians 24/7. The goal of MyMD Connect is to take care of the majority of day-to-day healthcare needs for the individual members and the employer population.
What is Direct Primary Care?
The direct primary care (DPC) model allows family practitioners to focus their attention, time, and effort on caring for their patients, while providing substantial savings. DPC has many perks when it comes to patient care; utilizing modern communication between medical provider and patient, same day appointments, DPC discounts on labs, imaging, and Rx.
Virtual Primary Care |VPC|

Receive excellent healthcare with incredible ease and convenience! MyMD Connect VPC is an innovative way to bring a variety of medical services to you digitally. From any smartphone or tablet device, you can access your MyMD Connect Concierge Provider whenever you need them, from wherever you are!

Direct Primary Care |DPC|

Direct Primary Care brings both Virtual Primary Care and Direct primary care to your health plan. MyMD Connect places an expert DPC doctor at the hub of your healthcare plan to tend to the needs of your plan participants. MyMD Connect is uniquely designed and equipped with DPC medical providers who understand the health plan design and pharmacy benefits, saving employers from financial harm.




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